The Arizona Rosary Celebration Needs Your Prayers


1. Attend an extra Mass.
2. At Mass, make the success of the Arizona Rosary Celebration one of your intentions.
3. Pray a Novena to your favorite saint.
4. Perform a work of Service.
5. Make Spiritual Communions throughout the day.
6. Pray an extra Rosary.
7. Make a Holy Hour.
8. Make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament.
9. Light a candle.
10. Sacrifice or offer up something.
11. Say a prayer a day.
12. Share intentions for it success when able to during Masses, Rosaries, gatherings, and at meals.
13. Ask others to pray.
14. Make Missions/Religious Orders to pray.
15. Write in intention books "For the success of the Arizona Rosary Celebration."
16. Call on your Heavenly Committee.
17. Gather people for the purpose of praying for the success of the Arizona Rosary Celebration.
18. Host a Holy Hour.
19. Pray for specific aspects of the Rosary Celebration.
20. Pray the prayers issued by the prayer campaign committee.

Prayer Intentions Play a Major Part in the Arizona Rosary Celebration

Everyone desires to share with the Lord their deepest heartfelt desires, wishes, intentions, devotions, and prayers. The Arizona Rosary Celebration is the place to bring those intentions and prayers. As part of the Arizona Rosary Celebration prayer campaign, the faithful are encouraged to submit their prayer intentions. The prayers will be offered up during the celebration. Every intention submitted will also be included in the prayers of the Legion of Mary throughout the coming year. So, through the power of the prayers of thousands, one's own intentions can be included and offered up to  God, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through the intercession of His mother Mary, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

To have your prayer intentions included among those offered during the Rosary Celebration, simply write it out on any piece of paper, and bring it with you to the celebration in either Tucson or Phoenix and place it in the intention box. If you can't make it to the Arizona Rosary Celebration, look for a prayer intention box in the vestibule of your local parish. They will be collected locally and taken to the celebration.


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